CBD Oil Could Land You in Hot Water At The Airport


Many of you will know about the medical benefits of cannabidiol. Many of you may have seen me vaping CBD while playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2019 on my PC. I often have questions and jokes while streaming in-game flights in the latest aircraft. I use it personally for treatment to help my anxiety, ironically something I could do with real-life flying and the airport experience! 

Legal federally since the 1930’s, cannabis is a no-brainer for something that should not be brought to the airport to be taken on a flight. It is known far and wide that you and your luggage must past a rigorous set of standards for what can and cannot pass to be brought onto a plane. Regardless of whether or not weed is legalized in a specific state, there are still regulations that prohibit certain amounts to be brought on board a plane.

Derived from both marijuana and hemp plants, CBD oil is something that American consumers have taken to and embraced with open arms. While THC is associated heavily with the sense of high that a user gets when taking anything infused with the oil, CBD oil is something that even more users can enjoy. This is largely due to the fact that CBD oil does not have the same psychoactive effects as THC. With CBD oil, many types of conditions have been nurtured without the need to constantly feel a sense of high. Particularly those who have chronic pain issues, neurological conditions, and mood disorders have all seen some major improvement in their lives since taking CBD oil regularly.

Despite the fact that CBD oil does not cause any of the same psychoactive reactions as THC, CBD oil is still largely debated when it comes to the legality of its use in certain jurisdictions. Products that contain the active ingredient of CBD oil can be purchased online from many different sources. While this may be a fact, there are still conflicting opinions both in the public and in government-run corporations on just how legal the product can be. What can or can’t be accepted, as far as the amount and strength of the strain, are still being established as we gather for information on CBD oil as a species.

There is a movement called DidCBDWork.com, which aims to bring more awareness to the general public on the true positive impact that CBD has made on the lives of many. The movement works by gathering data from those who have experience with CBD oil and it aims to generate a more accurate reflection of the oil and its effects on society as a whole. In this way, there will be enough data to really be pulled together in order to back up any claims that someone could make for or against the use of CBD oil as an effective form of managing one’s own symptoms of specific issues.

CBD oil has been added to lots of tasty treats, such as brownies and mochas for a few years now. It has become a norm for a lot of people, who have now adopted these types of products into their daily lives as if it had always been there. When it comes to going through the security line at the airport, however, the line is still blurred. Some passengers may experience issues getting through security if they have any amount of CBD oil in their possession.

It may seem normal for most people who come from larger cities or states to use TCH and CBD oil for plenty of ailments. Especially for those who live in cities where the use of marijuana has become legalized in the states. As for those who come from other areas, where marijuana has yet to be legalized in any form, there is still a major divergence of opinion on the full legality of its use. With that being said, it would be best to err on the side of caution and not bring your CBD oil on board with you next time you catch a flight.