Essential Items For Building Your Own Flight Sim Rig


Top 9 essential items you need for building your own flight simulator rig

Flying an aircraft is an exciting, yet stressful thing to be a part of. It is so important to make sure you go through flight simulations and get the exposure and experience you need. Whether you are operating a flight simulation for business or for fun, here are the top 9 essential tips you need to build your own flight simulator rig: 

1. Know the basics before you begin 

Before starting your very own flight simulator rig it is important to start with the basics. Flight simulators can definitely add up so Make sure you investment is something you can build on, especially if this is a direction you would like to head that way you wont need to replace all of your gear in the future. 

2.A joystick is all you need 
Keyboards are not as fun as joysticks. This allows you to get full control and there are so many design models with great features that give you a great experience. 

3.What is the right joystick? 
With so many joysticks out there, it might be hard to choose the right joystick. This all depends on your needs and the type of experience you are looking to achieve. There are two types of joystick designs to choose from. There is a universal type and a realistic type. The universal sticks are more modern and with a lot of programmable buttons and switches that come with maximized programmability. The realistic joystick comes molded and patterned like a real tactical aircraft control. This is also programmable and gives you a real life experience. 

4.Do you need a control yoke? 
Flying with a control yoke gives you more control where you are able to place both hands and gives you another level of realism that you can enjoy. Without a joystick, however, may not work for everyone unless you are planning on spending a considerable amount of time in a virtual cockpit. 

5.increasing the throttle makes all the difference 
Having a separate throttle quadrant will give you an added level of realism where throttles are also programmable. You are able to find a throttle and stick combo which is also great to have. You are able to save a lot by getting these together rather than separate and they come with plenty of buttons, autopilot controls,and so much more. 

6.the yaw axis can be interesting 
The yaw axis is something that is used in the world of flight simulation and some joysticks allow a twisting motion to control the yaw in the simulator but it may take away from the real experience. There are realistic rudder controls out there that can be a part of a stick, throttle, and pedal combo which can also save you some money. 

7. Sitting down will give you a real life experience 
Most furniture and office chairs might just cut it for you, but if you want to take it up a notch with a real experience, investing in a simulator seat might just do that for you. You are able to mount the control sticks or yoke in the center and get your full experience on. 

8.A pair of headsets will have you on your way 
Getting a nice pair of headsets are great to have and will put you in the right mindset. You can hear the engine sound and hear the noise of air traffic control frequencies which you would realistically experience. This is another great way to feel like you are actually there. 

9. Immerse yourself with goggles 
Prior to the advances in technology, at home flight simulations were done on screen, but ow you are able to get goggles that allow you to see clearly and place you in the center of it all. There is a whole 3D world that you can experience of flight simulations that will leave a lasting impression on you. 

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