You want new maps? You’ll get new maps! Well, technically, they are old maps, but they are new to Gunship!  I’m talking about all the original and fan-built maps for M1 Tank Platoon 2.  I found a way to convert them for use in Gunship!. This means that all the M1TP2 missions and campaigns can be converted for Gunship, too!Here are the new worlds that are opening up for us: (Click to view)



Another breakthrough!
Well, thanks to yet another clever innovation by the EAW folks, (Pilot Officer Prune, in particular), we now have a real map designing tool for Gunship!  We can now make a map of any area we want. It’s a time consuming process which requires placing each tile individually, but this is apparently the same process used by the Gunship design team when they made the five original Gunship maps. Amazing work.
This method utilizes a freeware tile placement tool named, (oddly enough), MapEdit. Pilot Officer Prune figured out how the EAW/Gunship tiles are written, and worked out how to use MapEdit to write new ones . It took a bit of work to set up a Gunship tile set (based on the tiles used in the North Poland map), but now anyone can use it.
You can read the details of this process in the Workshop area of Pilot Officer Prune’s website.
I hope this can be used to produce some new geographically accurate maps for Vietnam. If anyone wants to work on this or another map project, drop me an email.
Here are some pics:

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